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tv   KRON 4 News at 11  KRON  March 28, 2012 11:00pm-11:30pm PDT

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the mother of missing 15 year-old, sierra lamar, makes a plea for her daughter's safe return. >> we just want to end this nightmare. >> only kron4 is there as new evidence is collected in the case of five people killed in a san francisco home. and we uncover details about the gruesome crime scene that was left behind. a federal agent says he was forced to fire at a suspect in richmond. and palo alto is put on alert as police officers work to crack down on a spike in burglary. it's been almost two weeks
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since anyone last saw 15 year-old sierra lamar. today, searchers scoured the shores and waters of the reservoir which they say is also a teen hangout. sierra's mother spoke out today making a plea for her daughter's safe return. >> i would like to put out a plea to whoever is holding my daughter against her will. we understand that there may have been events that led you to this situation. and i'm pleading, i understand things can happen, and leading up to this point, and things start to spiral out of control, and get out of hand. and then you don't know what to do. and i'm just pleading for you that we just want her safe return, we want -- we're not focusing on getting you in trouble. we just want to end
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this nightmare. >> here is the latest information in the search for sierra lamar. the fbi has conducted polygraph tests on the family and more are pending. there are no results at this time. and investigators are almost done checking parolees and other criminals who live in the area. >> 5 feet apart, and work our way up there. >> reporter: on wednesday, a small army of citizen volunteers combed the countryside around morgan hill for any sign of the missing teen. investigators now believe sierra lamar did not run away but was abducted, possibly by an acquaintance. >> right now our focus is on what do you know about the person that took her? we want to know from everybody is there someone acting special? has someone changed their appearance? we understand
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sierra, we have talked with a lot of her friends. we don't believe that she's a runaway. >> anything that could be used to cover up evidence, okay? tarps, blanket, garbage bags, rolled up carpet. >> reporter: after a briefing early wednesday here at burnet elementary school, this group searched the waters of coyote creek near anderson reservoir. >> when a community comes together to try to give the family some closure or try to solve the problem, i think that's a wonderful thing. >> i have a daughter, and it's just opinion on my mind. i can't get it out of my head. i would want the people to be doings same for me. >> reporter: missing person fliers now blanket morgan hill. >> it's what eve saying all along, she didn't run away. hopefully this will heighten the investigation, get more people involved, take it to the next
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level. >> reporter: the bottom line, the yellow ribbons are not coming down until sierra comes home. the search continues tomorrow. the man suspected of killing five people inside a san francisco home appeared in court today. he was supposed to be arraigned on murder charges today, but that has been postponed. he is facing five murder charges with special circumstances. he could face the death penalty in convicted. he was arrested on sunday after five bodies were found inside a home in the ingelside neighborhood. the crime scene was so gruesome and so complex that it took days to identify the victims and the suspect. >> reporter: the mass murder of five people here at this san francisco home at 16 house street was extremely gruesome. a source tells us that the
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suspect or suspects used bleach and paint to try and cover up evidence. also a source says that at least one victim's hand was cut off. this is video from last friday when the bodies of five people were first discovered. sources tell kron4 news and several officers -- that several officers have sought counseling services because the scene was so horrific. >> our camera caught this video of police inspect ors gathering evidence near -- inspectors gathering evidence near the crime scene this afternoon. several items were put into evidence bag, including boxes of cigarettes which will be processed for possible dna. an undercover operation goes bad. this was the scene in richmond this evening where federal agents shot 1 man and arrested two others. as kron4's kate thompson explains, the undercover agent says he felt threatened and called for backup. >> reporter: an undercover federal agent was meeting up with three suspects to purchase
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illegal guns in the parking lot of a chevy's restaurant across the street from the hilltop mall in richmond when the deal went bad. one of the suspects pulled a gun on the undercover atf officer. >> he posed a definite threat to the agent. the agent called for his cover team. and the cover team came in and shots were fired. >> reporter: police recovered two guns from the suspects who range in age from 19 years old to their early 20s. one suspect was shot, another arrested on scene, and the third fled but was captured about a half-hour later. the scene inside the restaurant was chaotic. >> people were screaming like get on the ground! they're shooting! i turned around, and everyone on the ground. so i jump on the ground. and ran to the back of the restaurant. people are shooting! >> reporter: police escorted people out of the restaurant after it was locked down for several hours during the
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investigation. no agents were hurt during the shooting. >> the palo alto police department is putting the city on alert, trying to crack down on a spike in burglaries n. 2010, there were 1 ten burglaries in the city. in 2011, the number shot up to 149. but this year's number has police worried. 70 burglaries in just the first three months. that's almost half as many burglaries as last year. police were able to capture 15 of the suspected thieves so far in 2012. kron4's reggie kumar was at a community meeting tonight where police were telling residents how to protect themselves. >> reporter: palo alto is known as a safe community and is home to many wealthy people. the large homes and manicured lawns seem to be attracting more and more thieves. this is a map of the city. the dots represent
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all of the break-ins since 2010. the burglaries have become such a problem that they're now asking for the public's help to catch the criminals. a lot of the burglaries could have been prevented if residents remembered to lockup their property before leaving to work. he says they're started the lock it or lose it campaign. >> conceivably as many as 64% of the residential burglaries in 2011 were as a result of left open, left unlocked doors or windows. that's the primary thrust of this lock it or lose it campaign. what the burglars are primarily stealing are high-end electronic devices. laptop computers, ipad, personal electronic devices, things like that, all the way up to large-screen televisions. and then also as a second thing, they're stealing jewelry. >> reporter: the police chief is hoping once they hire at least six more officers, the extra manpower will help prevent
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more break-ins. a man seriously hurt after being hit by a car in san francisco tonight. this was the scene on van necessary and geary about 10:00 tonight. man was crossing the street when he was struck. police are describing the victim's injuries as life-threatening. coming up, new video of the man who admits he shot a florida teenager, claiming it was self-defense. why this video is bringing new scrutiny to the case. we saw say break from the rain today. when is wet weather going to return? later in this broadcast, the sharks can't afford any slippage. they're going tonight. also we'll talk a little bit about what's up with the dodgers. that's still rolling. and don nelson is going to the hall of fame. ♪
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san ramon police are hunting for a man who sexually assaulted a woman in her own home. this is a sketch of the suspect. investigators say the attacker rang the victim's door bell on mount rose court on tuesday. the woman answered. when she tried the close the door, the man stuck his foot in the doorway. he stackeled the woman to -- he tackled the woman to the ground and ran off after the attack. a teenager accused of
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making a false bomb threat has pleaded not guilty. she used a fellow student's e-mail account to send the chilling message. it claimed the sender had a gun and a bomb and warned the school to shut down immediately. new details tonight about the moments after a florida neighborhood watchman shot and called an unarmed teenager, trayvon martin. we can show you the surveillance video taken when george zimmerman arrived at the police department. >> reporter: this is surveillance tape from the sanford police department obtained by abc news. it shows george zimmerman being escorted from a cruiser and into the precinct. zimmerman is cuffed am he was just taken into custody after shooting trayvon martin. according to a police report, the neighborhood watch volunteer told police martin punched him and slammed his head against the ground before he shot and killed the teen. martin was walking back to his
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father's fiance's house unarmed, reportedly talking on citizen cellphone -- on his cellphone to his girlfriend. an initial police report from the night martin was killed lists the shooting as homicide negligence and manslaughter unnecessary to prevent killing unlawful acts. they say there was insufficient evidence for an arrest. this surveillance video will be one more piece of evidence for the special prosecutor overseeing the case. >> and that piece of video is raising new questions about zimmerman's story. prosecutor marcia clark explains why she thinks the video is contradictory to his story. >> i don't see any injuries in this tape. with all the caveats you've issued, regarding angle and lighting and distance, etc, nevertheless the injuries
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described by him are not apparent in this tape at all. he moves freely and fluidly, not like someone who has just been through a beating in any way. >> zimmerman says he shot trayvon martin in self defense. he has not been charge would police say because they do not have the evidence to contradict his story. we already have fog close to the coastline, and fog is going to be present out there tomorrow morning, especially close to the coast. so keep that in mind as you make your way through your morning commute. this is from the golden gate where visibility is reduced some. into tomorrow afternoon, sun breaks. the fog is going to cling to portions of the coast. into thursday evening, increasing cloud cover as another storm approaches the bay area. this is a look at our satellite and radar picture. we're continuing our sea breeze winds, high clouds streaming through, a wall of clouds up to the north associated with a very strong and large system that's
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sitting well off-shore. it's going to remain to the north and miss us well to the north tomorrow. friday night, we're expecting more rain. fog tracker for tomorrow morning. on the coastline and portions of the north bay and the bay shore. this continues into the 6:00 hour. getting a little stronger here in the north bay. later morning hours, the fog starting to clear a little bit from the coastline. i think that may be a little bit early. by about 10:00 in the morning is when we're going to start to see some clearing. high temperatures tomorrow are going to be warmer for the inland valleys and in the south bay. along the coastline, 61 in half moon bay, 71 pleasanton, 67 in redwood
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city, and 68 in san jose. futurecast for the rain that's going to be coming in later in the week. it's mostly up to the north on friday through most of the day, in the later evening hours, are the rain starting to approach the north bay. it'll be pretty late on friday evening when we see that rain roll in. extended forecast, tomorrow will stay dry, most of friday dry too. but big changes is the as a storm comes race throughout bay area, bringing us rain, wind, cooler temperatures. the good news is it will be short-lived on sunday. improving conditions are expected. [ teen ] times are good, aren't they, kids?
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good evening, everybody. sharks far from knowing if they're a playoff team. in goal tonight for anaheim, no playoff hopes. they were free and easy. 29 save, bobby ryan , scoreless second period. he beats niemi.
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and the mighty dukes taking five out of six, they lead one nothing. ryane clowe ties the game after a sharks turnover at 1. and -- he scores his 50th career goal against san jose. and the sharks lose 3-1. sharks drop from third to eighth. phoenix, calgary, colorado still breathing. five remain as they push for the playoffs. the lakers got a nice little run from golden state. clay thompson and jeremy tyler, the guy who didn't play his senior year in high school, he went overseas, is trying to make it with no fundamentals in the nab. landry scores -- in the nba. warriors just laid an egg. they're 20 and 29 . 13th place.
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don nelson is now a hall of famer. nelson is going to be initially announced -- officially announced when the final four takes place this weekend. there he is celebrating when he became the winningest coach of all time a few years ago in minnesota. also going in, ralph samson, jamaal wilkes who won a championship with the warriors. rick patino. but don nelson, going in at age 71. the 49ers signed their second new york giant within a week. it was mario manningham first, and today a running back, brandon jacobs who's still 29. but the giants thought, no, his tip-toe still had run its course in new york. it's a one-year deal. wait and see pretty much on both sides. brandon jacobs joining frank core in the 49er backfield. the as will play their
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second game of the regular season in two and 1/2 hours in the tokyo dome against seattle. mrz the as will come home and rule practice games, and they're going to come home at best 1 and 1 if they can win early this morning. dustin ackley, the winning rbi, as lose 3-1. to the mariners. a guy who pitched in mexico and venezuela, five shutout innings. brandon crawford delivering here. giants win 4-1 to improve their spring record to 15 wins and 11 losses. that's it. we're only now about 2.5 hours. so let's go home, get some friends and neighbors in and watch major league
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